The pro version of the Collapse-O-Matic Plugin for WordPress. Collapse-Pro-Matic adds an expand shortcode that will wrap any content, including other shortcodes, into a lovely jQuery expanding and collapsing div. A complete listing of shortcode options and attribute demos are available, along with a list of the extra features that are offered with this pro version.

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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  1. Gilbert Leung
    Gilbert Leung says:

    When you want a more streamlined and/or interactive display, I’ve found using Collapse-Pro-Matic creatively can often be the simple solution. And when you consider the incredible support, this is one plugin well worth buying.

  2. Danny Maddocks
    Danny Maddocks says:

    Respect to you guys today, massive thanks for the support with Collapse-Pro-Matic. Sweet!!

  3. Rod Tompkins
    Rod Tompkins says:

    Fantastic plugin! This helped me tame a documents page that was growing out of control!

  4. Ian Gray
    Ian Gray says:

    This plugin was awesome out of the box, and when our theme presented us with an obstacle to achieving an effect that we were trying to achieve, the support was fantastic. You guys really went the extra mile (or kilometer, as the case may be) helping us find a workaround. Well beyond the call of duty. Thanks for the awesome plugin, and the equally awesome support!!!

  5. Robert
    Robert says:

    Very competent and flexible plugin. Best of all: World class support (super-fast response, and an instant solution). Highly recommended!

  6. andy-hediger
    andy-hediger says:

    Thank you very much for your helpful support and the upgrade from the 0.5 version 🙂
    Your plug-in matches exactly my needs, it helps to structure a complex content and make it readable by expanding and sub-expanding information as needed. smart solution.

  7. Tenth Acre Farm
    Tenth Acre Farm says:

    Perfect plugin that does exactly what it says, and more! The developers are very responsive to support requests. We were able to use this plugin, together with the Collapse Commander plugin to place expand boxes throughout our site and manage the content in one place. Thanks Baden!!

  8. Steve Horn
    Steve Horn says:

    My clients as well as myself are happy campers using Collapse-Pro-Matic. Support is excellent: quick, knowledgeable, AND they LISTEN! An excellent product and service.

  9. Ken Toh
    Ken Toh says:

    Wonderful support from the team! Amazing response. Even done up a blog post to explain to me the mechanics!

  10. Meybo Nõmme
    Meybo Nõmme says:

    Very flexible and feature-rich plugin with excellent, fast and kind support. Highly recommended!

  11. Communications Apps
    Communications Apps says:

    After founding a bug on the code and reporting it to the support they jumped on it and fixed it right away! On the next day they sent me a new version of the plugin to test and after confirming it was working perfectly they pushed it to the public.
    Excellent support from Plugin Oven! Way to go!!!

  12. Lawrence Daniele
    Lawrence Daniele says:

    When you license a plugin, sometimes that’s all you get. But when you license Collapse-Pro-Matic, you get a developer who cares about customers and can solve problems in a jiffy. Now that’s something special!

  13. Cynthia Brumfield
    Cynthia Brumfield says:

    Most plugins fall into the category of “take your chances.” You test them out, if there is a problem you post a question on the relevant support page and maybe you hear back. But Twin Pictures not only stepped up and offered help above and beyond the call of duty, they offered suggestions and answered right away. It also helps that the plug-in is a great solution to my problem. Can’t recommend them enough.

  14. Angelina DeLago
    Angelina DeLago says:

    Collapse-Pro-Matic is worth every penny. Instead of just submitting a problem on a forum and waiting to get a response (if you ever do), the developer tackles your issues head on and very quickly! Wonderful support that I could not put a price on. Thanks again!

  15. Aileen Ruigrok
    Aileen Ruigrok says:

    Wow wow and wow. I could not even follow the support pages, though I did try. So I purchased the pro version not for the features but the support! It is very affordable and really not much of the developers to ask. Don’t hesitate! The plugin is a great solution to the limitations of wp and contact forms, but the support even greater! They fixed my problem within hours and tweaked a few other things I clearly had wrong in my form. What else can I say? So impressed….

  16. Gary Wilde
    Gary Wilde says:

    Fantastic Support Service & great plugin!

    Occasionally you come across good service online, but sadly, it’s a rare privilege… Twinpictures however, is the ‘rare’ in that sentence!

    My decision to purchase the Collapse-Pro-Matic plugin was partly for functional reasons and partly on principle after reading many replies by the developers to support requests, which are all professional, prompt and RESOLVED!

    I make a point of supporting individuals and organizations who are truly passionate about their products, services & specialties and drive world-class standards when it comes to delivery and support.

    Thanks Twinpictures, for keeping World Class alive in a world where mediocre is the norm!

  17. Steve Horn
    Steve Horn says:

    Collapse-Pro-Matic offers a broad range of options by simple adjustments to the short codes. This plug in continues to grow with features backed up by friendly and helpful support.

  18. Greg Dickson
    Greg Dickson says:

    This plugin WORKS! But that’s that’s not the half of it. The support is amazing, I was trying to do something that the plugin couldn’t do out of the box and a quick email to support and they sent me an updated version with my request built in. This is how you win on the internet. Well done guys and thanks.

  19. Marcus Krämer
    Marcus Krämer says:

    +++ WOW!!! +++
    Wow! (1) – It is one of the best plugins I have ever used, full of features, nice to handle and it does what it is for!!
    Wow! (2) – The guys at Twinpictures promise a high level of support. I can tell you what: THEY DO IT VERY BEST! I Bought only a single licence and got support for hours until all my question and needs had been fulfilled!! That is – for sure – an amazing support!
    I’m so happy to get my ideas realized!
    THANKS!! 🙂

  20. Francescka Bailey
    Francescka Bailey says:

    Best plugin support I have ever experienced! Very responsive and offered clear and easy to implement solutions to all my questions. The product itself is great too – with many, many features and capabilities built in, and easy to customize for front-end developers.

  21. Andre Brunger
    Andre Brunger says:

    Wow, you were right about the support being worth the purchase. I never had any vendor be so enthusiastic about helping me. Very much appreciated!

  22. Andy Weimer
    Andy Weimer says:

    Great Plugin and amazing support! Even created a new release just to accomodate my special case of integrating a slider that wasn’t rendering properly. They also pointed me towards errors my theme was generating that I hadn’t been aware of!

  23. Benedikt Sahlmüller - WALKING BRANDS GmbH
    Benedikt Sahlmüller - WALKING BRANDS GmbH says:

    Im glad I purchased collapse-pro-matic: Very good plugin, awesome support!

  24. Grahame Gardner
    Grahame Gardner says:

    A little tricky to get your head around initially and a lot of short-code writing required, but when you get it working it is just fantastic. As is the support for the pro version – my problem was sorted within minutes or reporting it!

  25. martin procter
    martin procter says:

    If you want a class plugin for your needs you hit the right place , i’ve used a few now and don’t regret going pro on either , both plugins worked fantastic but lacked a few little bits out of the box i needed. contact support and within minutes the plugin is just as i wanted , only 1 other plugin i ever used could rival this support, worth every penny of investment. thank you plugin oven

  26. MAN NA LEE
    MAN NA LEE says:

    Great plugin, very easy to use, deserved to be used !!!! Thank you for your help !!! Make my life much easier ~~

  27. David Wullaert
    David Wullaert says:

    I’m using the plugin since 2016 and it’s fantastic in what it does and more so is the (quick and helpful) support. Small problem -> they got you covered. Big problem -> they got you covered. In need of some explanation -> they got you covered. Other plugins which pretend to do the same, keep in mind that there can be only one that is as good as Collapse-Pro-Matic and that would be Collapse-Pro-Matic II. 😉

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