T(-) Opening Hours

Add-on plugin that introduces advanced opening hours and holiday scheduling for T(-)Countdown Control. It’s Business Time!

Collapse Commander

Add-on plugin that introduces an advanced management interface to better organize expand elements and simplify expand shortcodes for both the Collapse-O-Matic and Collapse-Pro-Matic WordPress Plugins.


Use Archive-Pro-Matic to display weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonally, yearly, decade, postbypost and alpha archives that are filtered by post-type, single or multiple categories. Archives can be displayed in the sidebar using a widget, and on posts or pages using a simple shortcode.


Adds the ability to print any post or post element using a simple [print-me] shortcode. Extra jQuery Jedi love given to filled out forms.


The pro version of the Collapse-O-Matic Plugin for WordPress. Collapse-Pro-Matic adds an expand shortcode that will wrap any content, including other shortcodes, into a lovely jQuery expanding and collapsing div. A complete listing of shortcode options and attribute demos are available, along with a list of the extra features that are offered with this pro version.

T(-) Countdown Control

Next-level management and scheduling plugin for WordPress countdown timers.